LPG Dispenser

LPG Dispenser

Three outstanding models integrated to handle the busiest times.

Peak times at LPG stations can be extremely busy. gas station attendants need to be quick and efficient with all operations from vehicle fueling to billing. Tatsuno's LPG total system is designed with these peak times in mind.

Maximum pressure 1.8MPa
Test pressure 2.7MPa (pressure test), 1.8MPa (pneumatic test
Measurement range 5 to 60L/min
Measurement accuracy ±1/100 (verification tolerance)
Dimensions (mm) Width: 914/ Height: 1560/ Depth: 530
1) Built-in high-precision temperature converter
The dispenser relies on a temperature sensor and microcomputer to quickly respond to the LP gas temperature and adjust the filling volume based on the reference temperature. This ensures fair business by preventing the changes in ambient temperature from influencing the LP gas filling volume.
2) Single-touch keypad for preset volume/amount filling (optional)
Allows accurate setting of LP gas volume to meet the customer's individual request. One-touch preset keys are available for presetting the five most frequently used values. The numeric keypad can also be used to set any desired filling volume. Auto-reset is performed by simply turning a selector knob.
3) Easy-to-use quick-coupling nozzle
Quick-coupling nozzle with swivel joint allows easy, secure coupling of the filling tube with the onboard gas container.
4) Built-in seismic response emergency stop device
Immediately stops pumping in the event of a magnitude 5 or greater earthquake. The device is also sensitive to vertical shock.
5) Full range of measures for safe filling
ESafety joint stops gas flow in the event of an accident during filling.
ESelf-check system automatically stops filling operation if any abnormality is detected.
EOverflow prevention device automatically stops filling operation as soon as the required volume is reached.
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