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【Head Office】
2-6, Mita 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
【International Marketing Dept.】
1-1, Kasama 4-chome, Sakae-Ku, Yokohama Japan

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Our product lineup boasts a dominant market share in Japan. We aim to create more and more convenient, high-quality products.

We develop, manufacture and sell POS terminals and peripheral devices for SS, car service equipment (car washes, oil exchangers etc.), information management equipment (level gauges for underground storage tanks etc.), filling supply equipment (CNG, LPG, eco-energy etc.) and petrol plant equipment (large pumps, flow meters etc.).

We have a market share of around 60% for petrol pumps in Japan, and are developing sales globally, especially in South-East Asia. We also offer a broad range of products related to the distribution and sales of petroleum products.

Our development of products is focused on product's  originality and practicability.- Products are produced in a plant with both R&D function and Production function

Our Yokohama plant is responsible for the company's entire product development and production.
The development department fully utilizes the accumulated know-how and feedback from sales staffs, in development of new technologies to meet customer requirements. On the other hand, the manufacturing department has built an integrated production line from component manufacturing to assembly. We aim to produce high quality products based on thoroughly managed quality-control, the cutting edge equipment and skilled technical capabilities.