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President Hiromichi Tatsuno

Tatsuno Corporation was established under its previous name Tatsuno Seisakusho by Uchu Tatsuno and his small staff in the Minato ward of Tokyo in 1911. It soon developed the first petrol dispensing pump (a metering and pumping system for service stations ) in Japan, from which our business has continued to expand.

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Company Profile

Tatsuno Corporation's basic corporate information, such as an overview of business activities, the number of directors and employees, etc., is provided here.

Lines of Business

In addition to the development and sales of dispensing pumps, Tatsuno develops OA equipment for gas stations, designs hazardous material storage facilities, etc.


Tatsuno's Patents

An overview of Tatsuno's 2,450 patents, utility patents and registered designs is provided here.

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